Gardening easily with the herbs garden kits

If you don’t have a green thumb, you probably haven’t even considered growing herbs. After all, they have to be much harder to grow than regular plants, right? Actually, if you start off your herb garden with one of the easy to use herb garden kits, herbs are simple to grow. in fact, if you shop for herb garden kits that contain common herbs like parsley and basil, you may find that herbs are easier to grow than many other plants.


As you shop for herb garden kits,

You may notice that some are more expensive than others. However, before you decide that the cheaper kit is a better value, you should take a look at what each kit includes. Some kits contain seeds, seed starting mix or another growing medium, plant labels, clay pots and instructions, while other kits only include seeds, seed starting mix, and inexpensive plastic growing containers. Of course, even the simplest kit can still grow healthy herbs, but you should be aware that all kits are not created equal.



Once you choose the right kit,

You will need to look for a place to grow your herbs. Most herb garden kits recommend using a sunny window. However, if the herb kit has a greenhouse top, you may need to position the kit so that it does not receive direct sunlight until the herb seedlings are large enough for you to take the lid off of the kit. This is because the clear plastic lid holds the sun’s heat in, turning the greenhouse into a sauna and cooking the seedlings.

Herb garden kits without a greenhouse lid need more care than those that have a lid, since you will need to keep them from drying out. Of course, seedlings raised in greenhouse herb kits may have a greater risk of developing a condition known as damping off. This is a plant fungus that attacks seedlings and kills them. Once herbs develop this problem, there is no way to save them. Luckily, this condition is not common in the sterile environment of these herb kits.



Once they develop a set of true leaves, don’t forget to repot the seedlings from your herb garden kits. Remember to only handle their leaves, as the stems of these tiny seedlings will be too delicate to hold up to your touch. Once they are in their new pots, be sure to fertilize your new plants regularly to help keep them happy and healthy.


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