Grow An Indoor Herb Garden

Do you spend the winter months longing for warm spring days, when you can simply step out the back door to pick a sprig of fresh parsley? if so, you may want to consider growing an indoor herb garden. Whether you only have room to tuck a pot or two on the windowsill or you have a bump out garden window with plenty of sun, you can easily grow an indoor herb garden.

The most popular indoor herb garden is a few pots growing on the windowsill. For many people, a small pot of parsley and another pot of chives is all that is necessary. Other people can’t imagine life without a pot of fresh basil growing in the kitchen.

grow an indoor herb garden

if you are afraid that you will never be able to keep your indoor herb garden alive year round, you can always grow your herbs indoors during the winter and plant them outside in the vegetable garden during the rest of the year. However, growing herbs indoors really isn’t that hard. The key to keeping herbs happy is plenty of light. Find the windows in your house that get the most sun. Then, look to see if there is a heating vent in the wall or on the floor under each window. Hopefully, one of these windows will be vent free. This is where you will want to grow your herbs.

Once you have selected the right location for your indoor herb garden, you will need to look for pots to grow them in. A pot should only be slightly larger than the little plastic grower’s pot your plant came in when you bought it. Most herbs seem happiest in a clay pot with a hole for drainage in the bottom.

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Before you plop your plants into their new homes, you should be sure that you have a good potting mix filled with plenty of nutrients. place some of the potting mix in the bottom of the pot and drop the herb plant into place. Then, fill in the spaces around the plant with more of the potting mix. Once you have re-potted all of the herbs in your indoor herb garden, water them thoroughly. This helps to remove any air pockets.

Finally, if your indoor herb garden is a permanent addition to your home, be sure that you feed your herbs plant food during the spring and summer months. potted plants use up the nutrients in the soil and need to have them replaced occasionally to stay healthy and happy.

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Gardening easily with the herbs garden kits

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